Industrial IPA

What’re you lookin’ at?  You want a piece of this?  We look at this beer as the surly big brother to our regular IPA; ready to mess you up at the slightest provocation. Be careful and don’t cross him or it might just be curtains. ‘Industrial’ is essentially our moniker for an Imperial or Double (insert style here); thus, this is our Imperial IPA.  Just don’t call it that, or you might have an angry bartender leaping over the bar to enforce the usage of its given Diamond Knot name.

Copious amounts of potent, high Alpha hops are manhandled into this beer at a rate of approximately 1.4 pounds per 31 gallon barrel. The enamel on your teeth is *probably* still safe with this beer, but we can’t make any guarantees.
In addition to the otherwise ridiculous amount of hops and the elevated alcohol content, we built in a sturdy malt character to balance things out