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Binnacle Summer Ale (New in 2016)

Sure to be your new favorite summer ale!Binnacle 2 rotated

Diamond Knot has consistently hit home runs with our seasonal releases. To be honest, we’re confident our new Binnacle Summer Ale will surely garner the cult following our other seasonals have.

Binnacle Summer Ale replaces Blonde Ale, which has now become a year-round selection, both in kegs and cans. Binnacle Summer Ale, pours golden yellow with a spicy aroma. Finish is light with a slightly dry sweetness. To add a really special touch, we used Belgian yeast to bring out subtle flavors of honey and cloves.

We even had a beer blog writer say this beer would be the perfect beer to drink on a hot summers day. Well, who needs to wait for the heart of summer when you’ll be able to pull 22-ounce bottles off shelves April 1. Following our usual summer seasonal schedule, Binnacle Summer Ale will be available through Aug. 1.

Enjoy! Captain’s Orders!

Want to geek out?

Malts: 2-Row Pale, Munich and ESB
Hops: Fuggle
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 20

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