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Six. Six. Six. 

Diamond Knot brewers, like so many others, have traditions, habits, idiosyncrasies, rituals; you name it.  One perennial tenet of Diamond Knot’s production brewery is metal.  Sure, there’s lots of stainless, but we’re talking about floor-shaking, ear-piercing, guitar-shredding heavy metal.  Whether it’s cookie-monster Black Metal or Progressive Metal with its 18-minute-long songs, you’re guaranteed to hear some hard stuff when you walk into this brewery.

Iron Maiden is perhaps best known for their explorations into the darkness of “The Number of the Beast.” Ozzy Osbourne has most certainly gone there, as well.  In the end, it’s really just a number: six-hundred sixty-six. 

As we approached the 666th batch of beer brewed at our production brewery, we decided that it was imperative we do something fun, silly and devilishly delicious by incorporating ‘666’ into every possible aspect of this beer.  Thus was born the “Number of the Yeast.”

-A 66.6 minute mash

-666 grams of first-wort hops

-A 66.6 minute boil

-Two 666-gram aroma hop additions

-Fermented at 66.6 degrees Fahrenheit

-Only 66.6 cases were packaged (okay, it was 66-2/3, only because we can’t make 0.6 cases)

**These bottles have, as of February 2, 2013, been aged for exactly 666 days**


UPDATE: 666 sold out in a day. You’ll have to wait at least another 666 days for the next batch. 



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