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Shipwreck XXXIPA

ShipwreckOkay, it’s probably a stretch to even call this an IPA, but it really did start out as a modification of our IPA recipe.  For you logic geeks, this beer is to our Industrial IPA as the Industrial IPA is to our regular IPA….sort of.  We kind of went nuts with this one, wanting to create a huge, darkish, very hoppy beer with a twist of sorts. 

We take untoasted white oak chips and soak them in Port wine for a couple weeks, then stuff a big phattie sack of them into each keg.  We then let the beer condition with the oak for a couple weeks at ambient temperature so the oak can lend its Port-y, vanilla-y, oak-y goodness.  Dark, very strong and equally delicious; be careful with this one as we don’t want you to wreck YOUR ship!


The nitty-gritty, for all you beer nerds:
Original Gravity: 19.0° Plato; 1.076
IBUs: 100
Alcohol by Volume: 9.2%
MALTS: 2-row Pale, Munich, Carapils®, Caramel, Chocolate and Flaked Barley
HOPS: Galena and Columbus

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