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Diamond Knot Mug Club

Want to feel special? (As if we don’t love our Knotheads already.)

There’s no better way to feel special than to be part of the Diamond Knot Mug Club.

The Mug Club benefits are numerous. Members enjoy:

  • 10% off growlers, all Diamond Knot merchandise and retail keg purchases.
  • A 25-ounce beer for the price of a 20 oz. pour.
  • An awesome 25-ounce mug designed for that year.
  • A card. We all love club cards, right?

You’re probably wondering right now how you can join the club. Well, it’s tricky. You have to be at the right place at the right time to enjoy these benefits.

On, or around July 1st of each year the Club accepts new members. New members can purchase their way into the club by paying $50 for a single membership. Sounds easy, right?

It would be easy if 500 other potential members didn’t want YOUR spot. You have to be quick. There are only 300 Mug Club memberships available each year. The Brewery & Alehouse accepts 150 memberships, and so does the Brewpub @ MLT.

And to hep build the beer loving community in Mountlake Terrace, we’ve limited those 2014-2015 memberships to the following zips: 98026, 98036, 98037, 98043 and 98155. 

Keep your tentacles to the ground for info. The buzz begins in June.

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WARNING: Adult Beverages