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Diamond Knot Mug Club





1) Make sure a server has ASSIGNED YOUR CARD NUMBER at least once. (In past emails we wrote that the server needed to swipe your card. Oops, that wasn’t the case.)

2) Click HERE to get to the Loyalty Club page.

3) When asked for your card number, use the 14-digit number located below the magnetic strip on the card. Hint: The number begins with 25265.

4) When asked for your pin number, scratch away the wavy-looking sticker and use that number.

5) Please include your info so that we can have your contact info handy and can track cards if lost or stolen.

Thanks for taking these few extra steps to enjoy your Mug Club benefits. If forever reason your card is really given you a headache during this activation process, please email Ajen: ajen(at)

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There’s no better way to feel special than to be part of the Diamond Knot Mug Club.

The Mug Club benefits are numerous. Members enjoy:

  • 10% off growlers, all Diamond Knot merchandise and retail keg purchases.
  • A 25-ounce beer for the price of a 20 oz. pour.
  • An awesome 25-ounce mug … that stays at the restaurant for your exclusive use.
  • A card. We all love club cards, right?
  • Two Mug Club-only events each year at the Production Brewery & Taproom.
  • Exclusive tastings on all new styles and seasonal releases for one week prior to broad release.


Because the Mug Club memberships are getting tight, we will be opening the club on a case-by-case basis after July 15. You may need to speak directly with the site managers to ask about availability.

The Brewpub @ MLT is still limiting memberships to people who live or work in these zip codes: 98026, 98036, 98037, 98043 and 98155.


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