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What is Hot Rock?

Were you one of those kids that liked to play with your food? Great, the Hot Rock is just for you. Unlike when you were a kid, we actually give you a 750-degree stone to play with in order to cook your own food.

No, we’re not being lazy. We’re just offering up the hottest menu item in town. And you can thank our Viking* roots for it. Yes, Vikings cooked on stones and so will you when we plunk this hot volcanic stone in front of you. It’s almost like those fancy steak houses, but without the fear of getting impaled on one of their fast-moving knives.

This is a healthy way to dine, too. By cooking your fish or steak on our stones, you don’t need fats or oils. Dry cooking seals in all the natural juices and nutrients.

Our Hot Rock menu items are a unique way to dine at Diamond Knot. Even if you swear you’ll try it just once, you may find yourself heading back for the Stone again and again.

* We’re still not sure which one of us is from Viking blood.

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