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About Our Crew

A long time ago, back in 1994, Bob Maphet and Brian Sollenberger embarked on—as Bob puts it—“a hobby that went wildly out of control.” It was an adventure to change the world

Pat, Bob and Andy toast to 20 years at the Brewery & Alehouse.

and the public’s perception of how amazing beer can taste. Putting their noggins together, they crafted the finest beers known to mankind (or at least we think so).

As they continued to brew the liquid gold, the guys discovered that landlubbers of all different backgrounds craved the delicious brews and demand increased substantially. Jumping forward to today, Diamond Knot Craft Brewing produces more than 600 barrels of beer a month and that number keeps growing year after year.

In January 2017, there was a wee bit of a shift in leadership at Diamond Knot. Bob set off on a retirement adventure with his wife, Shelly, and moved into the Chairman seat as a company advisor. Co-owner Andy Eason, longtime VP of Retail Operations, stepped in as President & CEO. Co-owner Pat Ringe continues as VP of Brewing Operations, and recently took on the title of Dir. of Sales.

Here’s a little insight into Diamond Knot’s history:

The story behind the Diamond Knot brand name harkens back to the 1947 shipwreck of the Diamond Knot cargo ship. It is a story of perseverance, tenacity and being resourceful in the face of adversity. Bob and Brian named the brewery Diamond Knot to honor the hard-working and innovative operations crew of the salvage, and as a reminder of what is possible when you have dreams and ambition. Read more about the Diamond Knot shipwreck.

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